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Startup1 Venture Fund and Accelerator

The only program that guarantees that your startup will get acquired, IPO, raise an investment round or reach $1 million in annual revenue.

Accepted applicants also get stock share equity in the fund.

Join a tribe of fellow founders where everyone helps each other to succeed.

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Startup1 Social Network

A social network for entrepreneurs and investors. Connect with people who can help you. Promote your personal and business brand to the world.

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Startup1 Tools

Comprehensive tools for startups.

Apply to other investor, accelerator and incubator programs.

Get access to the content and education in the accelerator program.

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Startup1 ™ is the only venture fund and accelerator program that guarantees your startup’s success. The secret sauce of Startup1 is the collaboration that occurs between the startup founders in the fund. Because each accepted applicant gets equity ownership in the fund, each has an incentive to help the other startups in the fund. In addition to the internal collaboration, Startup1 provides unparalleled outside professional support and services.

Accepted applicants get stock share equity in the Startup1 Fund + Professional resources + Accelerator Program = Guaranteed Success

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