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Startup1 Venture Fund and Accelerator

Startup1 ™ is the only venture fund and accelerator program that guarantees your startup’s success. The secret sauce of Startup1 is the collaboration that occurs between the startup founders in the fund. Because each accepted applicant gets equity ownership in the fund, each has an incentive to help the other startups in the fund. In addition to the internal collaboration, Startup1 provides unparalleled outside professional support and services dedicated to helping you succeed.

Accepted applicants get stock share equity in the Startup1 Fund + professional resources + accelerator program = Guaranteed Success

The Startup1 Guarantee

Startup1 guarantees that your startup will get acquired, IPO, raise an investment round, or reach a million in annual revenue. If you don’t, you can get your equity back and return the fund equity.

You Get Stock Shares in the Fund

Stock Share Swap: As an accepted Startup1 portfolio company, you receive equity stock shares in our fund. In exchange, you will give shares of your company to the fund – a stock swap. Even if your startup doesn’t make it big, you increase your personal chance of gaining value by having an equity piece of the many other companies in the fund. You own a piece of the other startups in the fund. They own a piece of you.

Startup1 Team: All for 1 : 1 for All

You have a team of people supporting your startup who have an incentive for you to succeed. The team includes fellow co-founders who each own a small piece of your company. Each has unique skills and talents that could support your mission. The team also includes outside professionals with diverse backgrounds to offer support as you need it. As a part of this team, and shareholder in the fund, you will also be expected to help your fund-mates. Because you own a piece of their startups, you have an incentive for them to succeed.

Startup1 Accelerator Program

As an additional support service, you have the option of participating in the Startup1 Accelerator Program. This is a unique offering that allows you to remotely learn and participate at your own schedule. This specially curated course has topics for all levels of entrepreneurs. Earn the Startup1 Accelerator Graduation Certificate upon completion.

How it Works

  1. Apply to Startup1. If you have all of your information handy, it only takes a few minutes. There is no cost.
  2. If accepted, you will receive an offer. The contract grants the fund 4% equity of your company. In exchange, you receive 3% equity in the fund. Startup1 has the right to purchase 5% of your shares within 6 years at a valuation cap of $5 million.
  3. Your startup will be assigned to a Startup1 Fund Team that consists of about 10 – 15 startups that have been ranked to have a similar chance of success. You will have 3 days from team assignment to cancel the contract and go your own way with no loss of equity.
  4. As a member of the fund, you will collaborate with the other startups in your team. You will have access to other professional team resources as available.
  5. Accelerator Program – If you choose, you may remotely participate in the Startup1 Accelerator Program and learn from the curated curriculum. You can participate in the accelerator forum for discussions as well as practice and refine your pitch and pitch deck with other fund teammates.
  6. Startup1 Success Guarantee. We guarantee that one of the following will occur to your startup within 6 years:
    1. You get acquired
    2. You IPO
    3. You raise an investment round
    4. You reach > $1 million USD in annual revenue

As part of the guarantee, if you do not have success as defined above at the end of 6 years, you can cancel the Agreement during the 7-day window and have your shares back and relinquish your shares in the fund. No equity lost, no equity gained.

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